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Use of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Geotechnical and Substructure Applications(TR-558)

Principal Investigator(s): Muhannad Suleiman
Co-Principal Investigator(s): Sivalingam Sritharan, Vern Schaefer
Team Members: Jessica Heine, Tom Vande Voort;
Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation
Start Date: 06/01/2007
End Date: 05/31/2008
Keyword(s): UHPC, SFSI, Large Scale Testing of Structures
Report(s): 11/30/2008, 9 mb (*pdf)

Project Description

The proposed research aims to:

1) Characterize the behavior of UHPC structural members subjected to loading conditions similar to those experienced in the field for bridge foundations and micropiles by performing large-scale laboratory tests on different cross-sections of the structural members using structural laboratory facility at Iowa State Unviersity;

2) Evaluate the behavior of UHPC soil-pile system subjected to vertical and lateral loads by using full-scale field tests on piles/micropiles; and

3) Develop design methods and demonstrate potential use of UHPC in geotechnical applications.