Sri Sritharan Department of Civil, Construction & Evnironmental Engineering
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MS Students (Completed)

Name Topic Area\Year Co-Major Professors Current Position
Rick Snyder5 ABC for Seismic regions, 2010 -- --
Tom Lewin5 Concrete Wind Turbine Towers, 2010 -- Consultant, Overland Park, Kansas
Mathew Roling5 LRFD for Driven Piles, 2010 -- Structural Engineer, Stanley Consultants, Inc., Muscatine, Iowa
Zachary Thiemann5 ABC for Seismic regions, 2009 -- Structural Engineer, Valmont Industries, Inc., NE
Aaron Shelman5 Drilled Shaft; Seismic; SFSI, 2009 -- --
Rakesh Murthy UHPC Columns, 2009 -- Structural Designer, WSP Sells, NY
Jared Levings6 A706 Reinforcement Behavior, 2009 -- Structural Designer, Alaska Department of Transportation
Mathew Goliber Wind Effects on Structures, 2009 P. Sarkar Structural Engineer, WHKS & Co, IA
Thomas Vander Vroot3,4 UHPC Piles, 2008 M. Suleiman Currently in China doing Mission work
Martz Jungmann Wind Loading on Structures, 2007 F. Fanous Project Engineer, Drucker Zajdel Structural Engineers, Inc., IL
Ann-Marie Fanous3 Precast Concrete Piles, 2007 M. Suleiman Structural Engineer, Burns & McDonnell, MO
Bryan Degan UHPC Bridge Girder, 2006 B. Phares Structural Engineer, Stanley Consultants, Muscatine, IA
Sriram Aaleti Precast Concrete Walls, 2005 -- Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Onur Celik PRESSS Hybrid Frames, 2004 -- Structural Engineer, Browder + LeGuizamon and Assoc, Inc., GA
Jonathan Waugh Nonlinear Analysis, 2004 -- Structural Engineer, HNTB Corporation, ME
Sudharshan Chetlur Strut-and-Tie Modelling, 2004 D. White Consulting Firm, MI
Mohamed Mekkawy Bridge Approach Slab, 2004 D. White Foundation Designer, Fugro West Inc, CA
Francis Santiago Seismic Hazard, 2004 -- Consulting Firm, CA
S. Vernu 2003 -- Consulting Firm, Canada
Derek Thomas PRESSS Jointed Wall System, 2003 -- Project Manager, WHKS & Co, IA
Justin_Vander_Werff Concrete-Steel Bridge Systems, 2002 L. Greimann, R. Abendroth Assistant Professor, Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA
Ryan Staudt Bridge Load Distribution, 2002 R. Abendroth Structural Engineer, HDR Inc‎, IA
Julie Redmond2 Concrete-Steel Bridge Systems, 2000 L. Greimann, R. Abendroth Structural Engineer, Calhoun-Burns & Assoc Inc‎, IA
B. Bristow Inactive -- --

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1Expected; 2Enrolled at the University of Auckland, New Zealand; 3Recipient of ISU Research Excellence Award; 4Recipient of a 2007 ACI Scholarship; 2008 Nevada Medal and Winner of the Deep Foundation Institute’s Educational Trust 2008 Student Paper Contest; 5Koch Graduate Fellowship; 6Engineering Dean's Fellowship; and 7Honorable Mention Recipient, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program