Full-scale tower section test

A full scale cross-section of the Hexcrete tower will be constructed and tested at the NEES Multi-Axial Subassemblage Testing (MAST) Laboratory in Minnesota. Service level and extreme loads will be applied to test the tower’s designed strength capacity. Precast concrete members will be provided by Coreslab Structures of Omaha.


Top Block-1

Top Block-2

Bottom Block-1

Bottom Block-2

UHPC Column-1

UHPC Column-2

UHPC Column-3

HSC Column-1

HSC Column-2

HSC Column-3

UHPC Panel-1

UHPC Panel-2

HSC Panel-1

HSC Panel-2

HSC Panel-3

Prefabricated Modules-1

Prefabricated Modules-2

Prefabricated Modules-3


Column Erection

Panel Assembly

Tower Segment

Fatigue test

A single panel, two column section of the wind tower will be tested under fatigue loads at the Iowa State University (ISU) structures laboratory. The test will ensure that the connection and material strengths are adequate in reaching target fatigue load values while incurring minimal damage to the structure.


Test Unit Specimens

Reinforcement Layout

Completed Foundation Block


HSC Columns and HSC Panel Assembly

UHPC Columns Erection

UHPC Panel Erection

Test Specimen


Instruments layout on
finished specimen - 1

Instruments layout on
finished specimen - 2

Connection test


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