Iowa State University

Sri Sritharan, Wilson Engineering Professor (Principal Investigator)

Sri Sritharan

Wilson Engineering Professor and member of the faculty in the Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at Iowa State University since December 1999. Following his Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego, Sritharan’s research has focused on structural concrete and earthquake-resistant design. Other research interests of Sritharan include precast structural systems, soil-foundation-structure interaction, Ultra high performance concrete, and wind energy/wind engineering. For more details visit (

Research Faculty

Hsu, Ming-Chen

Ming-Chen Hsu
Assistant Professor of

Jeong, H David

David Jeong
Associate Professor of

Lin, Shibin

Shibin Lin
Post doc

Krennrich, Julienne M

Julienne Krennrich
Project Manager,
Engineering Research

Graduate Students

Peggar, Robert J

Robert J Peggar
PhD Student

Cai, Bin

Bin Cai
PhD Student

Wu, Cheng-Hao

Michael C. H. Wu
PhD Student

Wu, Barutha, Phil

Phil Barutha
MS Student

Siemens Corporate Technology

Suraj Musuvathy, PhD

Sanjeev Srivastava, PhD

Coreslab Structures, Omaha

Todd Culp, Vice President


Markus Wernli, PhD, PE

Miranda Hagadorn


Jason Cotrell

Tyler Stehly

Joseph Roberts

Christopher Mone