Drilled SHAft Foundation Testing is a collection of quality assured drilled shaft load tests from Iowa and the surrounding region. The information is stored in an electronic format to create an easy to use storage and sharing tool for establishing regionally calibrated LRFD resistance factors and future improvements in drilled shaft design. DSHAFT was developed in Microsoft Access and is currently comprised of 25 separate load tests including Osterberg, Statnamic, and Crosshole Sonic Log testing reports. Through additional information and resources, it is the goal of the project team to supplement the existing cases in DSHAFT with more drilled shaft data to provide a platform to improve LRFD approach to drilled shafts in the Midwest..

Directions for Downloading DSHAFT

1. Set Internet Explorer as your default web browser if access to PDF files, containing project information and load test data, via hyperlinks in DSHAFT is required. Directions

2. Complete DSHAFT Request Form.

3. A link to download DSHAFT will be emailed to you.

4. Click the link to download a copy of DSHAFT. Click Open.


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